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Are you planning on going on a day trip? There are many places just a few hours from Sydney that you can travel to and enjoy. Your family and friends would need to travel in many vehicles. This would entail additional costs like petrol and finding places to park your vehicles. If you charter a bus from Northern Beaches Bus Charters you can save the cost of petrol. By travelling as a group you and your friends can enjoy yourself to the hilt.

We would strongly advise you to check out our charter rates before making a decision. Northern Beaches Bus Charters is proud to provide transportation to:

  • Canberra : You can visit several places of interest and taste the varieties of food in different restaurants; experience food produced from fresh produce.

  • Newcastle: A modern city down south attracts a lot of tourists. Northern Beaches Bus Charters has experienced drivers who can provide transport to Newcastle and back. You can go shopping, surfing, walk through some renowned Art galleries and visit historical sites. If you undertake this journey by yourself you are definitely going to be tired at the end of the day, driving would be difficult. This is why you should charter a bus from Northern Beaches Bus Charter who will transport you safely to and fro.

  • Wollongong: the city in the South Coast is very popular for adventure, and relaxing. If you wish to organise a day trip to Wollongong, Northern Beaches Bus Charters has well trained and experienced drivers who will give you that special attention to ensure you travel safely while saving petrol, traffic jams and hassles of finding parking lots.

  • Hunter Valley: If you and your friends would like to go about tasting the world renowned wines from the wineries, Northern Beaches Bus Charters will take you on the tour stopping at every winery to enable you to eat, drink and be merry. We can assure you our drivers will transport you and bring you back safely.

  • Blue Mountains: the Blue Mountains, which can be accessed from several points, has its closest access point nearly one hour from Sydney. Northern Beaches Bus Charters provides transportation to tour and visit several sites in the Blue Mountains range and back.

Since there is a big demand for bus charter we at Northern Beaches Bus Charters recommend that you make your bookings in advance to avoid disappointment. You can contact us by mail, phone or via our website to make a booking. Our rates are the most reasonable in the Northern Beaches area.

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