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Sports, drama, music, arts, films, culture and food festivals from different countries. Who doesn’t love them? There is no age distinction when it comes to enjoying the different festivals throughout the year. People of all ages young and old enjoy them alike. What about Music? If you had the opportunity to go to aconcert, you would drop everything, postpone everything else and just enjoy yourself.

However, this does come with a heavy price. Parking fees at concerts are quite costly and full day parking at festivals can be pretty expensive. If you and your friends take your own vehicles, with some of them sharing, you would need at least 4 or 5 of them followed by the hassles of looking for parking spaces. Additionally, you also have to think of the cost of petrol. How lovely would it be if you and your friends could do and see everything without having to worry about transport!

Well, this is where Northern Beaches Bus Charters comes to your rescue. We will not only take you to the concert venue, but we will take away your cares by giving you savings on parking, petrol and the hassle of driving. Leave that to our highly experienced and knowledgeable drivers. They will pick you up at the allotted time, drive you direct to the concert or festival and once you are ready to leave, they will drop you home.

At Northern Beaches Bus Charters we ensure that you have a safe journey from beginning to end. Your welfare is our concern, and we will transport you safely in an air conditioned bus in comfortable seating with seat belts. Our well maintained bus has the capacity to accommodate 21 passengers to travel in comfort.

Since our services are much sought after, we recommend that you make your bookings well in advance. Northern Beaches Bus Charters makes it their policy to put the welfare of its passengers first. This makes our drivers and our bus very reliable. Please call us on 1300 or email us on info@nbbuscharter.com.au to make your bookings.

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