Hen’s Day

Ladies! Our offer is especially for you. Forget about parking woes or calling a taxi. We have the best bus service to take care of your transportation needs for parties, day or night, in comfort and in style with safety in mind. Our service includes picking up and dropping off.

Need transport for a Hen’s Day?

Why not? You want to enjoy, drink, have fun and not worry about driving home. If your answer is yes, Northern Beaches Bus Charters is the right service for you. We specialize in providing transportation with comfort in mind. Leave your concerns at home. We will take care of picking you up and dropping you home.

If you use your own transport, you need to worry about many aspects like parking bays, cost of petrol and more troublesome would be finding your way home since you cannot drink and drive. This is where Northern Beaches Bus Charters takes your cares away. You will not only be making great savings when you charter a bus, but you and your lady friends can travel together as a group. We will ensure you are transported safely to your parties and back.

Northern Beaches Bus Charters has a bus service available day or night throughout the year to provide you with peace of mind where your transportation needs are concerned. Our friendly staff will be willing to accommodate you to ensure you get the best quality service.

Our helpful bus service which concentrates on providing comfort with security, can accommodate 21 passengers. Northern Beaches Bus Charters is a very reliable and sought after service, which means you need to make reservations in advance to ensure you have a bus for your Hen’s Day. We will then email or text you to confirm your reservation, which will be followed by a reminder one day before the actual travel.

At Northern Beaches Bus Charters, we pride ourselves on being able to provide a bus service at very reasonable rates. Our bus service caters to local areas as well as to Sydney. Do not hesitate to call us for a quotation.

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