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Hiring a bus at northern beaches bus charter the following terms and conditions must be read and understood.I agree to abide by all reasonable requests that the driver may ask myself or fellow passengers. Any illegal activities Will result in immediate termination of the hire. I agree a refundable security deposit of $200.00 must be paid within 7days of My booking confirmation with northern beaches bus charter. I agree that the security deposit will be returned after the bus(s)
Are inspected. The vehicle must be returned in the same condition as at the start of hire. Any damage or unnecessary rubbish Will iccur an additional fee,which will be taken from your security deposit.

All monies owing must be paid before leaving the designated pick up point .The payment is the responsibility of the hirer, the driver will not be responsibly for collecting monies of individuals.
All passangers will be advised that regualer safe stops will be made at the deiscretion of the driver. Under NO cicumstances is the driver to be harassed into making stops that he deems to be unsafe. At the completion of the journey the driver will drop passengers off at the original drop off point, on your booking form. We will only be more than happy to drop off on the highway or main roads on the way back to the drop off point. Addition drop offs can be arranged at a nominal cost.
Also when leaving the premise (s) know that we have a excellent working relationship with the premises we attend, it is most important that this continues.

Failure to behave in a proper and civil manner, will result in termination of the hire .also it is most important that you and your family / friends Have a enjoyable trip, and we return you safe and happy. The above rules are for everyones well being..

Please don’t hesitate to ask your driver any questions, because after all he a professional who is there to look after your needs.


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